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William Bowie - Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 19th Century mahogany Stick Barometer

c 1800
Very attractive and singular early 19th Century, inlaid mahogany Stick Barometer. The arched top with well engraved, silvered brass register plate, signed by the maker and decorated with elegant swags. Mysteriously the plate is inscribed with “From Latitude 50-56” [!], and also the modal indicator is not at 29.5, as in all[?] other barometers, but at 29.25…... The trunk with “rope-effect” banding terminating in elegant turned oval cistern cover with inset stylised floral patera.

Bowie was a noted Newcastle Instrument Maker with premises in the Quayside from 1795-1809. He was succeeded by his son, John.
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