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Negretti & Zambra - London. 19th Century oak-cased “Sea Coast Barometer”

c 1860
Good quality and unusual 19th Century oak-cased “Sea Coast Barometer” - No. 305 – an early example of this type of barometer. The arched top with porcelain plate bearing makers’ signature, The main register plates bearing Admiral Fitzroy’s ‘remarks’ and rack-and-pinion operated vernier. The inset mercury Fahrenheit thermometer also signed. Plates protected by bevelled glass. The original concealed wide-bore barometer tube terminating within rectilinear
cistern cover.

Negretti & Zambra were the foremost Scientific Instrument makers of the latter 19th and early 20th Centuries, producing a large volume of precision instruments. This type of barometer was produced at public expense initially for fishing ports and Life-boat Stations and hence was assembled entirely using brass screws and without glue. Such was its popularity that subsequently many similar ones - “Admiral Fitzroy’s Storm Barometers" - were produced.
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