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Negretti & Zambra - London. 19th Century brass Balloonists' or Surveyors' ['Mountain'] barometer

c 1860


Rare and fine quality 19th Century brass-cased Balloonists’ or Surveyors’ Stick Barometer in essentially original condition. The slender cylindrical brass case with suspension loop to the top and extended Imperial scale reading from 32 down to 141/2 inches (allowing operation up to approx. 19,000 feet). Unusual manually operated vernier over trunk bearing Fahrenheit mercury thermometer. The trunk signed by the makers with the added notation: “Instrument Makers to Her Majesty”. [The concealed cistern tube terminating in typical exposed Fortin reservoir [allowing higher accuracy of readings]. Complete with original tripod and original cylindrical leather carrying case,

The most renowned meteorological instrument makers of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

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